Seafood is Best When It’s Prepared the Captain D’s Way
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The Taste of the Coast: More than just a slogan.

It’s no secret: we love seafood. Captain D's specialty is classic American seafood, with a few new traditions that delight with new tastes and flavors. And we do it better than anyone. Whether we're cooking an old favorite or introducing you to something delightfully different, we never stray from the simple concept that great ingredients, prepared well, make the best food. Since the very beginning, we've worked to give everyone in your family a variety of choices and offer them as Full Meals. And when it’s done the Captain D’s Way, you know you can sit back, relax, and enjoy The Taste of the Coast.

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What is the Captain D's Way?

It's the way we take care and pride in serving you a special seafood meal (that you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy). It’s the way we select the very best ingredients, like our wild-caught Alaska Salmon, and how we freshly prepare them for you: We batter and bread our whole muscle fillets by hand or season and fire grill them, each one made-to-order. Sides like our hush puppies or coleslaw are mixed and prepared from scratch every day in our restaurants. And our famous Batter Dipped Fish is hand-dipped into our signature batter we prepare in-house every day—the special, secret blend is savory and slightly seasoned and cooks to a crisp, craveable deliciousness. And the care we take doesn’t stop in the kitchen—you’ll be greeted with a smile when you walk in and served with pleasure when your order is ready.

In The Kitchen

Watch our Head Chef, Jason Henderson, as he talks about the Captain D’s way, where we use only the best ingredients, freshly prepared, served up in our delicious meals every day in every restaurant.

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Batter Dipped Fish

Take a look at how we prepare our famous Batter Dipped Fish- the most popular item on our menu.

Grilled Seafood

We use a variety of seasonings in our grilled menu, so you can get something different every time.


Our Quality starts at the source, from catching the fish to our full meals in our restaurants. Square fish shapes are something you’ll never see on our menu.