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The Captain D’s Experience:

At Captain D’s, we’re dedicated to serving freshly prepared seafood at reasonable prices, all while offering the best dining experience in the industry—and we work hard to make sure that these values shine through in every customer interaction. We’ve had 50 years to perfect our recipe for success, which combines great food and great value with even better service, and this focus on serving quality seafood in a warm and inviting atmosphere has helped us grow to over 500 restaurants since 1969.

We’re serious about serving great food—and great food begins with the highest quality ingredients. We go to great lengths to ensure that only the best fish, seafood, poultry, and vegetables wind up on our guests’ plates. In addition to our classic hand-battered fish fillets, our menu also includes a wide variety of other crispy fried or grilled fish, shrimp, chicken, and regional seafood favorites, as well as popular side dishes such as coleslaw, hush puppies, Southern-style green beans, and baked potatoes. Great seafood is our passion, and we pride ourselves in seeking out the best ingredients and then delivering our guests’ delicious meals at a great value.


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Average Size of a Unit:

Captain D’s offers prototype plans for traditional, end-caps, and other non-traditional sites—we can adapt our restaurant concept to a variety of different locations. The full-size 95-seat plan covers 3,022 square feet and requires 32,000 square feet and 30 to 35 parking spaces.


Franchise Information:

Franchise Fee: $35,000

Average Start-Up Expenses: Excluding real estate costs, our 95-seat model runs between $700,000 to $900,000. Our non-traditional models range from $206,000 to $688,000. The actual figure will vary depending on regional differences.

About Captain D’s:

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Captain D’s owns, operates and franchises 535 restaurants in 23 states. Captain D’s offers its customers great seafood at reasonable prices in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Captain D’s restaurants serve a wide variety of fish and seafood, including freshly prepared entrees, and the company’s signature hand-battered fish fillets, which are prepared to order. The restaurants also offer premium-quality grilled fish, as well as shrimp, chicken, an expanded selection of home-style side dishes, hush puppies, desserts, and freshly brewed, Southern-style sweet tea—a Captain D’s favorite.

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