Seafood is the best when it’s prepared the Captain D’s way

The Secret To Great Seafood

It’s no secret: we love seafood. Captain D’s specialty is classic American seafood, with a few new traditions that delight with new tastes and flavors. And we do it better than anyone. Whether we’re cooking an old favorite or introducing you to something delightfully different, we never stray from the simple concept that great ingredients, prepared well, make the best food. Since the very beginning, we’ve worked to give everyone in your family a variety of choices and offer them as Full Meals. And when it’s done the Captain D’s Way, you know you can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

What Is The Captain D’s Way?

It’s the way we take care and pride in serving you a special seafood meal (that you don’t need a special occasion to enjoy). It’s the way we select the very best ingredients, like our Wild Caught Salmon, and how we freshly prepare them for you: We batter and bread our whole muscle fillets by hand or season and fire grill them, each one made-to-order. Sides like our hush puppies or coleslaw are mixed and prepared from scratch every day in our restaurants. And our famous Batter Dipped Fish is hand-dipped into our signature batter we prepare in-house every day—the special, secret blend is savory and slightly seasoned and cooks to a crisp, craveable deliciousness. And the care we take doesn’t stop in the kitchen—you’ll be greeted with a smile when you walk in and served with pleasure when your order is ready.

Hooked On Quality

At Captain D’s, we believe that everyone should enjoy delicious, affordable seafood meals. We start with finding the best ingredients to make those meals just for you—we search the seven seas, along with a few lakes and a river or two, for our fish and seafood. It’s important to us to make sure our food isn’t just delicious, but that it is also of the highest quality. We also don’t cut corners on quality, which is why the fish we serve is a whole fillet cut from the tenderloin.

At Captain D’s, we strive to serve you the best quality seafood, without letting our prices get higher than the tide.


Catch Of The Day:
Whole Fillet

As far as we know, we’ve never caught a “fish stick.” That’s why we’ve never served them. In fact, we never serve any of that processed fish you can only find in boxes. And we’re proud to give you real fillets, sliced whole from the tenderloin—the best part of the fish. We then bread or batter it by hand or season and grill it to perfection. That’s the kind of fish we love — just go ahead and break open your next piece of Captain D’s fish, and you’ll see the whole fillet difference.


Our Catfish is farm raised, tender and excellent with a side of our Hush Puppies.


Delicate and delicious

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Tilapia is farmed around the globe, and it can be prepared in a world of different ways. Our tilapia comes blackened, fresh off the fire grill.


Flaky, mild white fish

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Salmon is one of the most popular kinds of fish in the United States. Our salmon is wild-caught and is prepared on our fire grill.


Mild, slightly rich, pink fish

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White Fish

This white fish is great in almost any dish, hand breaded or on the grill.


Sweet and mild flavored fish

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Our butterfly shrimp is breaded by hand and our shrimp skewers are expertly seared on the fire grill.


Buttery, medium-firm shellfish

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Crab is a species found all over the world and across the U.S., with different delicious flavors from coast to coast. Our crab shells are stuffed with a tasty seafood blend that goes well with any of our menu items.


Light, salty shellfish

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Our clams are harvested off the Northeast U.S. coast. From chowders to steamers, clams are loved all across the coast. You’ll love our delicious breaded clam strips; they’re a fan favorite for a reason!


Salty, sweet shellfish