Hi, we’re the D-Gulls!

We traveled far and wide in search of seafood, which is how we know that Captain D’s serves the very best in the whole world! Sadly, we haven’t been able to actually get our beaks on any of that delicious Captain D’s seafood lately.


I’m Desmond, and I’m the one with the plan!

If plan A fails, I’ve got plans B through Z ready to go. I’m always thinking of new ways to get a taste of that scrumptious seafood they’re cooking up at D’s! And one of these days I’ll pull it off. I can’t wait!


Hey there, I’m Dave.

I’m just wild about Captain D’s seafood! I’ve never had a taste of it, but even the smell makes me feel like I’m flying. I’d recognize it anywhere! Do you want me to list off my favorite Captain D’s meals for you real quick?