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Celebrating Over 45 Years of Great Seafood!




Thank you for making Captain D’s Seafood Restaurant your go-to destination for affordable seafood. We have a passion for serving great food at an affordable price, and we have fun doing it. In fact, we’ve spent the last 45 years learning about what you love and freshly preparing your seafood favorites! Our Full Meal Deals are expertly crafted by our own Chef, and for a limited time, feature 5 of your favorite meals all for under $5!  You’ll can choose from our famous fish and seafood options like our 12 PC Butterfly Shrimp Meal or our Southern-Style White Fish Meal. Or, you can have a variety of the flavors your crave with fan favorite—The Sampler! You can customize each Full Meal Deal with your choice of TWO sides and hushpuppies! Enjoy the seafood you crave at a price you'll love. It's gotta be D's!


(Price and Participation may vary by location.)




In addition to our Full Meal Deals, we are also featuring great  Seafood Specials*:


  • Savor our Classic featuring popcorn shrimp,6 Butterfly Shrimp, and a grilled shrimp skewer. Customize your meal with your choice of two regular sides and two hushpuppies.
  • Or, find your new flame with our Creamy Shrimp Scampi, served your choice of two regular sides and a breadstick.
  • Can’t decide? Enjoy all of the flavors you love with our Ultimate Seafood Platter with two pieces of Batter Dipped Fish, 6 Butterfly Shrimp, two stuffed Crab Shells and popcorn shrimp. Customize your meal with your choice of two regular sides and hushpuppies.

*Price and Participation may vary by location.